We understand that you probably have a lot of questions before applying for a consultation.

We have gathered most common questions we receive. Hopefully we can take away most of your doubts.

If you can not find your questions below, feel free to drop us an E-mail. Our team is more then happy to take away all your concerns or doubts. You can also follow us on Instagram where we often answer questions from the community.

Most Frequent Question - Customer

When can I expect results?

The answer to this question is different for every person. We have people that see results in 2 weeks, others in 2 months. It depends on several factors: type of skin issues, the skin type and your commitment to follow exactly the process we set out.

Do I get a guarantee that my skin will improve?

Unfortunately, nobody can give guarantees! A lot depends on the commitment of the customer.

Are you taking into account my budget for the products?

Yes, we do! In the questionnaire you will be asked how much money (range) you want to spend on a single product. Within this range we will search for the best cosmetics.

If I apply for BASIC consultation, can I afterwards switch to PREMIUM?

Yes, ofcourse. If you afterwards decide to have a consultant on your side for 3 months, you can make the additional payment (the difference) and switch to Premium.

I have hormonal imbalance, should I first see a doctor and then apply for consultation?

You should definitely see a doctor, but you can simultaneously apply for consultation. This way the doctor will work on your internal problems and we will help you with the external (skin) issues.

Most Frequent Question - Partner

We sell cosmetic products in our store, can you help us with the selection of our assortment?

Definitely! As cosmetic specialists we have a lot of knowledge of products and ingredients. We can analyze your existing product range for toxic and bad cosmetics. And advise you which brands to replace them with.

Our store personnel has difficulties advising customers which products to buy, can you help?

Yes, we have a special training for store personnel how to quickly decide what the skin type is and which products are safe to use for the customer.


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