12 December 2022

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Can we really stop aging?

Can we really stop aging?

People who have seen the movie Curious Case of Benjamin Button will know that after seeing this movie we dreamt of getting younger with age. Wait, is it still fiction??!

For the people who haven’t seen the movie, it tells a story of a man who is born with a body of a 80 year old and over time gets younger. Well, in June of 2022 a group of scientists managed to reverse aging in mice. The researchers at the molecular labratory at Harvard University succeeded in converting an adult cell into a stem cell in rodents.


In a 2020 publication it was already published that old mice with bad eyesight and damaged retinas were able to see again after the treatment. As a next step we will see human trials and very soon we will probably read about this development in skin care industry.


Additional to this research in May 2022, the Spanish newspaper El País published an artikel where Corina Amor, who is an immunologist, said: “Increasing duration of human life to 130 years is reasonable”. She presented an experimental therapy to eliminate the cells responsible for aging and cancer. These are called senescent cells. During your life your immune system is able to destroy them but with age you are less capable of getting rid of them and they accumulate.


Amor’s team created a strategy to extract white blood cells from the patient, re-engineer them in labratory to destroy senescent cells. In a few years we will see new biochemical mechanisms in cosmetic products. And from that moment on, we will watch the movie of Benjamin Button not as a fiction but as biography.


But till that time comes, keep protecting your face with good sunscreen, nutritious food and well organized morning and everning routine.

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