11 December 2022

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Why is personalized skincare the future?

Why is personalized skincare the future?

The cosmetic industry is booming. By 2027 it is projected to reach 500 billion. That is a lot of money that we all spend on cosmetic products. But why do we spend so much?

Well, it’s obvious we want beautiful skin, glamorous shine and a perfect look. So we buy one item after an other to make that dream a reality. We try something that the neighbour adviced and we try the item that a celebrity endorsed on tiktok. I know this, I have done the same.


So what do you think is wrong with this approach? It’s not only the money..


Your skin is the largest organ of your body, did you knew that? It’s an organ! Applying a lot of products on your skin to see which one works is like swallowing bunch of random medicine and hoping that one of them will cure your medical issue. I guess nobody would do that!


When we use wrong products, we are putting our skin through stress. Damaging it and even sometimes permanantly. Unfortunately, we can not test-out all the products that come out to the market without having this consequence. So, please be aware of this.


I founded ELESTÉ several years ago exactly because of this gap in knowledge. It is impossible for consumers to know all the ingredients, brands and skin issues to decide which products are the right ones. We are here to bridge that gap!

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